Postmodernism | See Me After Class Podcast #035

Everybody hates Kavanaugh's guts, due process is evil, an uneducated, suicide-inducing rant about postmodernism where I sound like a big, dumb idiot, historical revisionism in video games, lots and lots of boring politics, everyone's racist, Bowsette literally obliterates the entire internet, the petition to get me to bite the foam, everyone's a pedestrian, the intersection of gaming and entertainment, The Peterson versus Harris Ultimate Smackdown, facts versus values, the political pendulum, MAGA hats and swastikas are the same thing, new music, defusing bombs and opening anthrax-filled packages mailed to the studio by fans, Arby 'n' the Chief voted coolest machinima by Games Master magazine, Sexbone One X unboxing, smashing, a totally unique segment where I watch videos and try not to laugh called I Snicker I Suck (ISIS) and more on this episode of the See Me After Class Podcast with Jon Graham.

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